In older days when individuals needed to boost their food before they might eat it, they didn’t really use food for just about any other purpose compared to eating when ever these were hungry. However, as civilization moved from purely farming societies to industrialized societies, it grew to become simpler to buy food, and unhealthy food selections grew to become a lot more easily available.

Commercialization of food production has permitted us to purchase anywhere of food we fancy and store them within our house. We no more consumed food just because i was hungry, we ate since there was food stored in the home. We ate whenever we were bored, we ate when individuals came over, we ate whenever we viewed TV, we ate whenever we entertained visitors so we ate once we felt enjoy it.

When globalization grew to become a pattern, we’re able to find exotic food, wine, cheeses from the corner around the globe right at our supermarkets. We are able to look for a fast-food joint on every street that permitted us to purchase just as much food once we wanted as well as in any quantity we preferred.

Progressively, we no more checked out food as mere fuel for the physiques. Food grew to become symbolic of our economic wealth. Where before we simply bought enough fresh foods that people can consume per day, we began buying in big amounts.

Individuals who earned a set and once a month salary are able to afford to purchase food on credit and pay it off on every pay day. Grocery carts stacked high with canned and processed frozen food grew to become an emblem for a person’s economic wealth. Our feeling of identity was involved in what we should could buy and consume rather of the items we all do and just how we cope with ourselves yet others. We merely ate food, we consumed food.

As commercialization and consumerism increased prevalent, we found ourselves requiring to operate more hrs to be able to make better money which enabled us to eat more goods. The standard balanced or “square” meal which meant a little bit of protein, fruits, vegetables and bread, was substituted with processed food that has elevated levels of salt, fat and sugar as these kinds of food were easiest to purchase, required little if any time for you to prepare and were easily available regardless of what season or condition from the weather.

Sugar, salt and fat was once only a small sector in our diet, but, once we started to depend more about easily available food that are offered ready-to-eat, sugar, salt and fat grew to become most in our diet.

These substances are okay in small doses, however in high doses, so when drawn in regularly with food, it alters the chemistry within our brains. We create a taste and tolerance for that highly sweet, highly salty and highly fatty food and many destructive is the fact that we create a longing for these types of food. It builds within our physiques a type of dependence upon these substances.

Therefore, if we are hungry, if we are bored, if we are sad, if we are stressed, if we are afraid, once we feel overwhelming feelings in the good and the bad in our lives, we use the highly salty, highly sweet and highly fatty food to create us feel good.

We all know that eating won’t result in the overwhelming feelings disappear.

We all know that eating won’t solve whatever issue is causing individuals overwhelming feelings.

We realize that if continue eating this kind of food, we’re setting ourselves up for lifestyle illnesses and infection.

Whenever we eat these types of food, we might get distracted from your problems so we may concentrate on the fullness in our belly and feel good – however it never solves our problems, it never corrects structural relationships also it never alters past mistakes.

Food can induce feelings of excitement and well-being simply because they release “feel great” chemicals within the brain that mimic the results of heroin and cocaine, but, similar to the drugs, individuals feelings of satisfaction is going to be fleeting and momentary simply because they won’t ever truly change our situations for that better – actually, we’re putting our way of life and health at risk when we almost always use these kinds of food to flee our real existence problems.

We have to solve our problems otherwise accept what problems we can’t solve – not eat our way through them, or we are creating increasingly more trouble for ourselves over time.