Today’s beer drinkers cannot get enough of craft beer. What was once a secret has now gone mainstream and everyone wants in on this lucrative market. In the past decade or so, microbreweries have taken over and the craft beer industry has exploded into life. As a business owner, you may be thinking about getting in on the act. If so, here are way to market craft beer to your customers.

Make Use of Social Media

Millennials are the driving force behind the explosion of craft beers, they have taken to it like no other. From Pacific Pale Ale to English IPA, the choice of brands and flavours is almost endless. All of these people follow your business in various social platforms, and they want to know when you have ordered a new type of craft beer.

It is not enough to just post a picture of the latest canned variety; you must work on your marketing and provide customers with more info. Remember to include points such as:

  • The process for naming the new brand
  • What brewery the brand came from
  • People working behind the scenes

Customers want to know more about the craft beers you have to offer, so give them what they crave.

Working with Local Breweries

Another great way to sell the product is to show customers that the beer comes from microbreweries in the community. People love to support local breweries and if they can help, they will opt to buy from suppliers who have ties to the community. You can get creative and let them sponsor events, so you can showcase the products you have on offer.

Local Events

A good way to promote your new stock of craft beers is to run local events from your bar, restaurant, or supermarket. You can have deals or promotions for a few days to attract new customers. Some people have never tried craft beer, so give them the opportunity to do so. Set up a small stand and give away some free beer. Focus on what is unique to craft beer and promote it accordingly.

If you have decided to get in touch with a microbrewery and stock craft beer in your business, there are many ways to promote the products. The first place to start is to boost awareness online and let your consumers know that craft beer is now available. Provide information on the product and run events showcasing the craft beer.