You love the satisfaction of finding a place that your friends are previously unaware of. Occasionally, you hit the bullseye, despite understanding that it’s very difficult to make everyone happy all the time. On this occasion you have been tipped off by a work colleague.

But as you get ready to head to the sport with your regular mates, a huge smile is plastered across your face after they are all waxing lyrical about the breakfast that you have all enjoyed at a restaurant in Port Macquarie.

You know that what has been consumed and thoroughly enjoyed is also doing everyone a favour as it is healthy, and packed full of nutrition, which will keep you all going for several hours to come owing to ingredients that ensure improved energy levels through their vitamins and minerals.

It’s guaranteed to lift moods and positivity, even if your team underperform. Sticking to a good intake of nutrition also builds up the immune system, meaning less chance of illness and disease. But what was it that has everyone praising your choice?

Well, among the choices for breakfast was a bacon and egg bun, with locally sourced goods being used, ensuring sustainability, while helping the local environment and business. The couple of vegetarians were well looked after, and the feedback from those who tried the avocado on sourdough and the hash brown and avocado breakfast bun was most complimentary. Especially, as it came packed with vegetables to augment the tasty and fresh vegan coconut milk bun.

Having sides such as organic, vegan friendly, dairy and gluten free hash browns proved a winner, with everyone saying that they were as nice as they had ever tasted. The crumpets with honey and butter were just the job and were washed down by the selection of organic coffees and teas on offer.

Others preferred a cold option of a fruit pot and the stunning berry banana smoothie which consisted of a multitude of freshly picked fruits mixed with organic Australian honey and milk, of which several varieties were available.

The restaurant opens at 6am, meaning it will be possible to call in on the way to work which is perfect for building stamina for the day ahead. It was also very family friendly with a kid’s menu which will encourage them to eat properly from an early age. You unanimously agree to return before the next home game in a fortnight.