Thai food is massively popular globally, and many people like to turn their hands to cooking this cuisine at home. You find that many tourists who visit Thailand will take cooking courses while there to learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes. Once you get home, you will need to get the Thailand pastes for cooking and other ingredients you need, and there are various places where you can buy everything. Below are some tips to help you source the ingredients for your Thai cuisine so you can ensure they are authentic.

Visit Your Local Supermarket

Supermarkets are much better than ten years ago with stocking foods from countries worldwide. Your local supermarket will often have some of the ingredients you need to cook authentic Thai foods, such as:

You will want to make a shopping list of everything you need and then visit your local supermarket to see what ingredients are available. Hopefully, they will have most of what you need, but if not, there are other places you can try.

Find Your Nearest Asian Supermarket

There are Asian supermarkets all over the place that stock various items from Asian countries. You can use Google to find the nearest Asian supermarket to you and take a visit to them to see if they have what you need. They will often have a wide selection of things that you can buy, but if they do not have what you need, you can ask them if they can order it for you.

Try Shopping Online

You will also want to look for what you need online, and there are many online stores specialising in Asian foods, especially Thai foods. Search their websites for what you need and check their delivery charges, so you can compare vendors and see which offers the best deal. It may be worthwhile looking online before visiting the supermarket, as you may be able to get all the things you need from the same location, making it easier for you.

These are a few ways you can get the ingredients required to cook authentic Thai food, and if any of the above fails, you can also contact Thai companies and see if you can order in bulk from them. If you look hard enough, you can find everything you need to enjoy your favourite Thai dishes at home that taste authentic and delicious.